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Why is there extra spacing when I copy the lyrics from SongSelect® into my Word document?
After you paste the lyrics of a song you copied from SongSelect®, you may notice that Word puts an additional space between each line on your document. Example below:

Here is how you can fix that:

Simply put your cursor at the very beginning of the lyrics and press CTRL-A (or Command-A) to copy all lyrics.

Now, from the Home tab, select the "No Spacing" box from the list of Styles.

And voila! You have lyrics with no extra spaces.

I cannot view music sheets in the browser.
There are a number of possible causes for this issue, but the Adobe Flash Player is the most common.

Step 1. Clear the cache (Temporary Internet files). Click here to see the instructions.

Still not working? Go to Step 2.

Step 2. Uninstall and reinstall the Adobe Flash Player (bookmark this help page so you can get back to it).

You can uninstall the flash player by following the instructions on this page:

After the uninstall has completed, you can reinstall the Flash Player here:

Still not working? Go to Step 3.

Step 3. Test for Problem Add-ons (Internet Explorer only). Click here for the instructions.

Still not working? Go to Step 4.

Step 4. Try using another Browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).

How can I change my email address for SongSelect®?

 To manage your SongSelect® account, select "Manage Account" from the drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the site (

In the area listed "My Information" you may:

  • Change the name listed.
  • Change the Password.
  • Add an email address or update your exsisting email address.
  • Link or Unlink your login to a particualr organization.



Change Your First and Last Name

In the area of your account labeled "My Info", you will see write in fields for your First and Last Name. Simply change either field and select “Update” to change your name. Please note, that this will NOT affect your username or password.

Change Your Password

Just enter your old password and then create a new password.

  • The password must be at least 6 characters.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive.

Select “Change” and your password will be updated.

Add an Email Address

It can be tough to manage everything with one email address. Now you can add multiple email addresses to your account by typing in a new email address and selecting “Add Email.”

You will always have a primary email address where we will send you necessary communications. You can choose any one of your email addresses to be the primary address as long as it’s been confirmed. Just select “Make Primary” next to the desired email address.

Confirm Your Email Address

If you are a new user getting into SongSelect® for the first time, have entered a new email address, or have simply never validated your existing email address, you will see a message that asks you to confirm your email. Just select “Send Confirmation Email” and a link will be sent that will allow you to confirm your email address.

You can keep using SongSelect® without confirming your email address, however, you will not be able to use that email address for sending yourself any lyrics or sheet music. You will also see a “reminder” message that reminds you to confirm this email each time you sign in to SongSelect®.


Can I order SongSelect® if I don't have a Church Copyright License®?
No, SongSelect® is only available as an additional service to organizations that have an active Church Copyright License® (CCL®). It is to be used under the terms of the CCL® agreement for leading worship singing.
How do we access SongSelect®?
If your organization has an active agreement for SongSelect®, go to or click on the Login Now under the SongSelect® icon at, click on “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. You will be directed to the "Sign In" page where you will need to type in your Username or Email address and password.

There are some important things to keep in mind when signing into SongSelect®:

1. In the Username field, you can enter your existing username* or email address to sign in.

*In the Classic version of SongSelect®, username was labeled User ID.

2. Passwords are now case sensitive*

If you can’t log in, try entering your password with the first letter capitalized. This won’t be the case for everyone, but we’re finding it to be a common situation. Also, make sure your CAPS-LOCK is not on and type your password in carefully to ensure accuracy.

*Case sensitive means that you must enter your password exactly how you originally entered it with uppercase and/or lowercase letters. In other words, if your password was “Administrator”, you must enter it with an uppercase “A” and “dministrator” all lowercase.

Can’t remember your password?

If you forgot your password or aren’t sure what parts are case sensitive, simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the sign in page (here is a direct link to reset your password). You will be sent an email that will contain instructions for resetting your password. Make sure you check your email and reset your password as soon as you can since the password reset link will expire.

Does SongSelect® provide a recording of the song to use as accompaniment?
No, we are not contracted to provide a full commercial recording of the song from SongSelect®. The intent of the 30 second sound sample is to aide you with song research and identification. The lead and vocal sheets offer a computerized play-back of the written musical score as you are viewing the song sheets but it would not be suitable to use as accompaniment.
As the Administrator, how do I add more Users to our SongSelect® account?
As the administrator for your organization’s SongSelect® service, you have the ability to:

  • Add Users
  • Remove Users
  • Set the 3rd Party Integration access
  • Assign the administrator's role to another User. Each organization may have multiple administrators.

To access these functions in SongSelect®:

1. Go to “Manage Account” located in the drop down menu next to your name.

SongSelect Manage Account

2. Select the "Admin" tab.

SongSelect Login Admin Tab

Two MethodsTo Add A User:

1. Send them an invitation

Simply enter the individual’s email address and press the button to “Send Invitation”. The User will be automatically linked to your organization after they create their own username and password.

SongSelect Send Invitation

2. Provide Users with the Access Code

Users that have created their new account (without receiving your emailed "invitation") will need to enter the Access Code, that may only be provided by the Account Administator, in order to link to your organization. You will see the Access Code underneath the option to "Send Invitation". If you feel that the Access Code has been compromised, you may use the link to “Change Access Code”.

Remove A User

The active users are listed for you to view. You may remove the user by selecting “Remove”.

Assign the administrator role to another User

Your organization may have multiple administrators. To reassign this role or to share the administrative rights, simply check the “Admin” box for any user on the Active Users list. The changes will automatically take place.

Provide Third Party Integration

The "3rd Party Integration" box will be checked by default. This option allows a user to connect the SongSelect® account to a third party application (i.e. a worship planning web site or a worship projection program) who has signed up to be a partner with SongSelect®. Disabling this option will block the user from doing so.

SongSelect Admin Remove Options

How many songs can I print from SongSelect®?
During your SongSelect® subscription year, you may print song sheets (chord, lead, vocal) for as many as 200 unique songs. Under "Manage Account", the "Activity" tab keeps a running total of how many songs have been printed and it will post the name of the user who is printing the song sheets. For accountability within your organization, it is important for each person to have their own account.

If you find that your organization has needed to print more than 200 unique songs before the end of your subscription year, you may contact us to purchase an additional block of 50 songs.

If I can't find a song in your database, does that mean it's not covered by the Church Copyright License®?

Not necessarily. A song may be owned by a copyright owner that we cover, but for a number of reasons, may not yet appear in our database. Also, many songs in our database have the same title, which can cause a lot of confusion. It may be helpful to use the lyrics and the names of the authors for your song research. If your song comes up in our search results (and you’re certain it’s the song you’re looking for), it’s covered. If you don’t find the song in our search results, remember, it still might be covered.

Please contact us for assistance if you are unsure of a song's coverage.





Why are the song sheets in SongSelect® different from what we hear on a CD?
The song sheets provided in SongSelect® are based on the original product we receive from the song's publisher, in the original key. We do not provide arrangements to songs based on the CD recording.
How do I copy and paste the lyrics from SongSelect®?

To copy and paste lyrics:

  1. Go to the "Lyrics" tab of the song you want to use.

2.  Next, select the "Copy" button. This will copy the lyrics to your computer’s clipboard for use in your program of choice.

3. Now, simply paste the lyrics into any program – Word, PowerPoint, etc. and format them however you like.

Additional tip: For those using Microsoft Word® to reformat your lyrics:

After you paste the lyrics, you may notice the annoying way in which Word puts an additional space between each line.

4. Simply put your cursor at the very beginning of the lyrics and press CTRL-A (or Command-A) to copy all lyrics.

5. Now, from the Home tab, select the "No Spacing" box from the list of Styles.

6. And voila! You have lyrics with no extra spaces.

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